A leading Kuwaiti nutrition application that provides various health and nutritional systems and services to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy diet

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Key features and benefits

The best restaurants

The Regimen application offers the best restaurants in Kuwait, you can order from your favorite restaurant and order your favorite foods

food system

Regimen application that collects the necessary information about you to form appropriate plans and systems for your health

Lose weight

The Regimen application provides you with many healthy eating recipes; Which will help you get rid of your extra weight

View the menu

The application helps you to determine the types of food that fit your diet, so the Regimen application is ideal for you


Many suffer from the problem of being overweight; Which is most of the causes due to unhealthy eating that we resort to many times; Here is the Regimen Eating application that provides healthy eating that will help you greatly improve your health and reduce excess weight with ease and simplicity.
The app is considered one of the best fitness apps because the Regimen app will ask you in the beginning to set goals for the diet, is it losing excess weight, determining a healthy diet, or otherwise
The application provides you with a balance in your daily food without the need to calculate your daily calories

Looking for healthy food online? Discover the best healthy restaurants in Kuwait, you can order from your favorite store, browse restaurant menus and order your favorite foods!
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